iKAN Terminology

Batch Type : Batch is a configuration profile internal to iKAN. It controls how documents process, security and settings.


Batch Name : A batch name is assigned as a reference to all users with permissions to process batches of documents. A new batch name is usually prefixed with the users name.


Batch : A batch is a group documents, usually created by scanning.


Document : A document is a group of pages or a page. A document is part of the batch until it has been indexed – at which point it becomes an electronic document with its own identity.


Page : A page is either a member of a document or a page can be a single page document. Pages do not have an identity other than a page number.


Barcode : A barcode is used to uniquely identify a document. This unique identity is used to locate the data required to file a document. This data is also used to search for documents. When a barcode is not read correctly, the document is not clearly identified and will not be displayed as a document. A missed barcode needs to be corrected.


Category : A category describes the document type. The category has attributes that will provide information about the document. The attribute information is also used to file the document.


Attribute : An attribute is a piece of information about a document. An example of an attribute would be an Invoice number or Delivery receipt number.


Scan : Using a scanner to convert paper documents to electronic files using a scanner and iKAN software.

Scan settings : There are settings to control scan quality (DPI), scan operation (single side/double side), color type and page size. Scan settings are contained in a scanner setting profile in iKAN and associated with a Batch Type.

VRS : KOFAX VirtualReScan. This is scanner software that processes images (pages) and provides virtual quality control. VRS has settings for : deskew, despeckle, border removal and crop, auto orientation, color detect, automatic brightness and contrast and punched hole fill. VRS uses profiles to manage groups of settings.

Index : Every document needs to be classified. Using the iKAN Index screen allows a quick and easy way to add information (meta data) to a document. Using the applied meta data, documents can be filed and named the same way every time. Meta data can be entered, selected from lists and/or retrieved from a database.

Index fields : Index fields are used to hold the meta data. There are a few primary field types such as Text, Date & List. Fields can be filled manually or populated automatically based on entered or captured data.

Category : A category groups fields together. Examples of Categories are Invoices or HR Documents. A category also controls how documents naming and folders.

Reports : Reports are a fast way to view system information. This includes status of batches, process activity and user activity.

Search : The Search functions can be used in different ways. Searching by category and searching by document naming are most popular and available by default. Searching metadata is achieved by category searching but can also be used in a free text field search. A free text field search will allow users to search file name and all metadata fields. Free Text Searching can also be expanded to include OCR information. OCR information is text that is electronically captured and made available.


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