Creating Batch Types

Log into the VDC and click the ‘Admin’ tab.


Click the ‘BatchType’ tab


Complete each of the sections of the batch type.

Name : This is the internal database name

Display Name : The name the user will select from the batch list

Folder Path : This is the root folder

Assign Queues : Always check this box for new Batch types

Batch Path : This is the internal (hidden) path for scanned documents.

Mime Type : Select the file type – usually ‘application/pdf’


Kofax Scan Setting : Set to ‘KOFAX_SCAN

Twain Scan Setting : Set to ‘TWAIN_BW_SCAN’

Category : Select the new category to associate with the batch type

Group :  Select the security group to assign to the new batch type


Separator Page : Used for barcode document separation


*If using the barcode label printing, this section must be completed

Barcode Type : Set as ‘Barcode 3 of 9’

Barcodes per Page : Set to ‘1’

Barcodes per Doc : Set to ‘1’

Barcode Orientation : Set to ‘Both’


Click the ‘Add’ button to create the new batch.




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