Creating Batch Type Queues

Setup the queue order that the new batch type will use.

Examples of queues are : Scan – Index or Scan - Barcode Index or Import – Index



Log into the VDC and click the ‘Admin’ tab.


Click the ‘BatchType’ tab.


Click the ‘Batch Type / Queue’ link on the left of the batch type page.


Review the queue information for each queue.


The new batch type and category should now be ready to use for creating and filing documents.




  • For more complex filing folders, XSL must be used. Please contact iKAN Software for help in creating the XSL structures.
  • If the new batch type/category required specific security i.e. not a standard group within the VDC, a new group will need to be added with corresponding access to the various adapters in the VDC. Please contact iKAN Software for help with creating new security groups.
  • Batch types can be created with no barcodes required, barcode separators for batch scanning of barcode label printing using iKAN Link. Please contact iKAN Software for configuration details.
  • Workflows are created for each batch. Different batch types can have different workflows.


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