Uploading Documents

VDC will also allow you to upload documents. You can upload .PDF, .DOC, .JPG, .XLS, .TXT and .TIFF files.


To begin uploading your documents, click on the Create dropdown menu, located on the left side of the Home page.


From the Create dropdown, select the Batch Upload option. This will take you to the Batch Upload screen:


There are five steps to completing the process of uploading a document, or documents, to the Virtual Document Center.

Step One: Select the batch type for the documents that are being uploaded and naming that batch so that the documents can be indexed later. Click the Batch Type dropdown to select a batch type from the list, and then type the name of the batch in the Batch Name text box to identify the batch. Remember that if no name is entered at time of upload, the batch will be given a default name of the date and the time of upload.


Step Two: is selecting the file(s) to add to the batch that is being uploaded. Then, click the Browse button, located on the right of the File text box. Then, find and select the file(s) to be uploaded and click Open.


The directory path and file name will then appear in the File text box.


Step Three: is to add the file that has been selected in Step Two, to the batch that is being uploaded to the Virtual Document Center.

Click the Add button to copy the file into the batch. Any number of files can be added to the upload list, although if too many are added or the files are very large, then it may take longer for the files to pass into the Virtual Document Center.


Step Four:, is the checking and management of the Upload Files list. These files are listed in the order in which they were added.

Files in the list can be taken off of the list individually by selecting the file and clicking the Remove button, found at the bottom of the Upload Files list

The Upload Files list can be totally deleted, by clicking the Clear button.


Step Five: is the last step taken in the process of indexing, and sends all of the files on the Upload List to the Virtual Document Center.

To upload the files in the Upload list, click the Upload button.


When a batch has been successfully indexed, a message in red text will appear at the top of the Batch Upload page.


If the Upload was successful, users may continue on to the indexing portion of the Virtual Document Center. This can be done by clicking the Inbox tab.





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