Scanning with iKAN Scan

The scan process has 2 software applications working together to produce optimal images.
  1. KOFAX VRS (Virtual ReScan). This application runs in the background and performs image quality checks on every page scanned. VRS detects color on a page, removes black borders and background noise and also deskew each page.
  2. iKAN Scan. This is the scan application. The settings are controlled by the iKAN system. Documents can be scanned as batches or as single documents. The iKAN system communicates with VRS to ensure the correct type of page processing is used – either Black & White only or Color.


Both applications have profiles available. The VRS profiles are accessed from the system tray. iKAN Scan profiles are accessed from the iKAN Application.

The configuration and setting of these profiles is handled in a separate documents.


To begin a scan, click the Scan icon on the desktop.


The application connects the iKAN system for its configuration and also connects to the scanner. The system will display ‘Ready’ once all parts are connected.


There are 3 steps to scanning documents in the iKAN Application.


Step 1:

Select a batch type and enter a batch name.


Step 2:

Set the scan profile and start the scan


Also check that the KOFAX Profile is set to color.

From the system tray, right click the VRS icon and select Profiles.


For auto color scanning, select the COLOR profile. If you have another preferred profile, you can select that profile.


Place your documents on the scanner Document Feeder and click the green ‘Start Scan’ button.


The scanner will continue to scan until the Document Feeder is empty. Additional pages/documents can be added to continue scanning.


Step 3:

Review document (Quality Check) and Save.


Review each page using the up/down arrow on the keyboard.

  • Press the Delete key or the Delete Page button to delete a page.
  • Rotate documents using ‘L’ for rotate left or ‘R’ for rotate right.


Once image QC has been completed, click the Save button to push through.


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