Creating and Editing Users and Groups

Step One

Access the Admin section of the Virtual Document Center, and then click on the Group tab, found at the top of the screen. This will bring you to the Group Information section. Here, groups can be created, edited, or deleted.



To create a Group, fill out the name and description fields, and click the Add button. The new group will appear in the Available Groups List.



Step Two

Select the area you want to access by clicking on the link in the Adapter list.



User displays the options and information for the users account in the VDC.

Group/Permission displays the areas and functions a Group can access.

Group/User displays which Users belong to which Groups.


Step Three

Create a new User for the VDC by filling out all of the fields on the Users page and clicking the Add button.


Older users can be selected from the Available Users list, edited, and updated by changing the desired User information and clicking the Update button.

Users can also be erased by using the Delete button on the selected User.


This will complete the Create User Information process


Step Four

Use the Group/Permission page to decide what objects are accessible to which groups.


  1. Select the Object Type



  1. Select the Available Object



  1. Select the Available Group



  1. Click the Assign button.



Step Five

Use the Group/User page to associate a User with a group to give the user access to the VDC.


  1. Select the desired group from the Available Groups list.



  1. Select the User from the Available Users list.
  2. Click the Assign button.


This will place the User in the selected group. The user will inherit all permissions of  the group.





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