Managing and Changing Index Attributes

Modifying and changing index values can have major effects on documents and folders within the VDC. Since index values are used to create folder and filenames, modifying any index value should be carefully managed.

To modify an index value, the logged on user must have Administrator access to documents.


First log into the VDC with your user:


Once logged in, either Browse the folder structures or Search for documents using the search tool. Once you have located your documents, click the blue information button. 


To view the Attributes of a document, click the Attributes link.


This will reveal information about this document. Note – if you do not have the correct permissions to view document details, you will not be allowed to view the details.


The document attributes will be displayed.

Any of the displayed index values can be changed. Note that mandatory fields (red), still require a value.


Once all values have been modified, click the Index button.


Note: Do NOT use the Update button since this does not apply index checks and formatting.





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